Residence Permits in Turkey 2023

Residence Permits (ikamet izini) in Turkey or Turkish Residency

How can I get & renew my residency in Turkey? How much does a Turkish residence permit cost?

Foreigners traveling to Turkey and wish to stay more than their visa duration date will need to apply for a Turkish Residence Permit

Renewing a Residence Permit for Tourism Purposes 2023

As of the announcement made on January 1, 2020, foreigners who have already been granted a one or two-year residency permit for tourism purposes must present a different reason for renewal if they wish to extend their residency for the second time. However, on September 14, 2020, the immigration office temporarily suspended this requirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of the current date, August 13, 2023, the immigration office is still accepting applications for the renewal of Turkish residence permits.

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Residence Permit Fees & Costs 2021

A short-term residence permit is issued to foreigners who intend to stay in Turkey beyond the initial visa or visa exemption period. Any foreigner wishing to extend their stay beyond the stipulated timeframe is required to apply for this particular residence permit.

Applicants seeking an extension beyond the initial visa or exemption period must provide documented reasons for their prolonged stay in Turkey when applying for the short-term residence permit. This category is available to individuals who are ineligible for other types of residency, such as Educational, Family Reunification, Long-Term, or for those recognized as Human Trafficking Victims, provided they meet the criteria mentioned below.

Categories of Short-Term Residence Permits:

Scientific Research: Foreigners intending to acquire a visa or short-term residence permit for research purposes must first secure permission from relevant institutions if their research is subject to such authorization. If the research isn’t subject to permission, they must furnish a detailed research statement. Such individuals must procure a Scientific Research visa from Turkish representatives in their home countries before entering Turkey.

Establishing Commercial Relations: Foreigners in this category can apply by obtaining an invitation letter or pertinent documents from their business contacts in Turkey.

Real Estate Owners: Foreigners who possess immovable property in Turkey, designated as a “Mesken” and used for habitation, can apply for this type of residence permit. If multiple family members share rights to the property, other members, including spouses, minor children, and dependent adult children, can also apply.

In-Service Training Programs: Foreigners participating in training for service can seek a short-term residence permit. Relevant documents outlining the training’s content, location, and duration, issued by the organizing institution, must be submitted during the application. The residence permit’s validity corresponds to the training period.

Student Exchange Programs: Foreigners involved in education programs via student exchange agreements with Turkey must submit documents from the relevant institution. The issued residence permit is confined to the education duration and purpose. If students applying for this permit category request general health insurance within the initial 3 months, additional health insurance isn’t obligatory. However, those who don’t request it within this timeframe must secure and document foreign health insurance.

Tourism Purposes: Foreigners seeking a short-term residence permit for tourism must substantiate their stay intervals, locations, and durations. Additional documents related to the travel plan might be requested upon consultation.

Medical Treatment: Foreigners requiring prolonged stays for medical treatment must not pose a threat to public health and safety. Acceptance documents from public or private hospitals must be submitted. If treatment costs are covered, no extra health insurance is needed.

Judicial and Administrative Authorities: Residence permits issued under this category adhere to specified timeframes as per the request.

Loss of Family Residence Permit Eligibility: Foreigners who’ve held a family residence permit for at least 3 years, or who are married to Turkish citizens and have held a family residence permit, are eligible. The 3-year condition doesn’t apply if a supporter is present, nor does it apply to those granted a family residence permit after the supporter’s death.

Turkish Language Learning Course Attendees: Individuals applying for a residence permit to learn Turkish can obtain a short-term permit, not exceeding two instances. The permit duration aligns with the course period. Enrollment in a Ministry of National Education-approved institution is mandatory, and the institution must notify provincial directorates of the foreigner’s course registration and attendance status.

Courses, Internships, Research, or Training via Public Institutions: Residence permits for these reasons can be granted for a maximum of one year. Expenses covered by institutions exempt the applicant from demonstrating financial resources or health insurance. Additional documents may be requested as needed.

Higher Education Graduates: New graduates from higher education are eligible for a one-year residence permit if they apply within six months of their graduation date.

Investment-based Residence: Residence permits of up to five years are granted to foreigners who invest a specified amount, as determined by the Council of Ministers, to contribute to Turkey’s economy as per Law No. 6735.

Turkish Citizens of Northern Cyprus: Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are granted a 5-year residence permit upon application.

Short-Term Residence Permit Periods:

The duration of short-term residence permits varies depending on the reason for application. In most cases, a short-term residence permit can be granted for up to two years each, with exceptions for specific scenarios as described in Articles 13 and 14.

Short-Term Residence Permit Conditions:

To obtain a short-term residence permit, specific conditions must be met in accordance with Article 32 of the Foreigners Law. These conditions include submitting necessary documents, fulfilling general health and safety requirements, providing a criminal record if necessary, documenting the intended address in Turkey, and not falling within the scope of Article 7 of the Aliens Law. These conditions are established by legal provisions and may evolve over time. For current and accurate information, you can seek guidance from our experts.

Rejection, Cancellation, or Non-Extension of a Short-Term Residence Permit:

Short-term residence permit requests can be declined, canceled, or not extended for various reasons. These situations arise when the applicant fails to meet permit requirements or if the permit is found to be used for purposes other than those intended. Other reasons include having a valid deportation order, entry ban, or exceeding the allowed period of stay abroad.

Required Documents for Short-Term Residence Permit:

Although the documents necessary for a short-term residence permit can differ based on the application’s purpose, the general list includes:

Short-Term Residence Permit Information Form
Passport (valid for at least 1 year)
4 biometric photos (taken within the last 6 months, with a current and white background)
Private Health Insurance (provided by our Institution)
Appointment and Application form (provided by our Institution)
Fee payment receipts (provided by our Institution)
Address Document
Acceptable Address Documents:

A notarized copy of the rental contract if applicable
A document confirming stay in establishments like hotels, motels, or hostels
A verified document proving residence in student dormitories or institutional guesthouses
An address registration document of the hosting person(s) if staying with acquaintances/relatives (accompanied by a notary public undertaking)

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