Top 5 Best Beaches to Visit in Istanbul

Top 5 Best Beaches to Visit in Istanbul

What are the Best Beaches in Istanbul?

Top 5 Best Beaches in Istanbul with easy access.

Best Beaches and (Plajis) in Istanbul

We have prepared an article as below regarding several beaches which are located around Istanbul, with a high amount of visitors good environments, and clean water, kindly take your time check it out and do not forget to write your comment after reading our article.


A beach with a capacity of around 5000 people and a parking lot for up to 3000 vehicles, Tırmata Beach attracts attention with its wide area between Kilyos beaches and mostly it’s a location which in the black sea and has good water for swimming and chilling in Istanbul.
Let’s not forget to mention that TIRMATA Beach have regulations that only couples can enjoy and each visitor should have partnering women to get benefits from this beach,
Another important advantage of the beach is its affordable restaurants if you compare the prices of restaurants in TIRMATA beach with restaurants in surrounding areas you can understand how affordable the restaurants in TIRMATA beach are.
The current entrance fee of Tırmata Beach is 70 TL on weekdays, 95 TL on weekends, and 1 soft drink as a gift. Children 0-6 years old are free. 40 TL per person between the ages of 7-14. Weekends are applied on holidays, public holidays, and public holidays.

Address: Kumköy, Kilyos Cd. No:60, 34450 Sariyer/Istanbul


Uzunya beach, it’s famous with its locations between villages and its fresh fishes restaurants inside it, another advantage for this beach are nature hiking opportunities and camping areas. with a parking capacity for 1000 cars, Uzunya’s location is in a private shelter compared to another beach it’s also an important advantage in Istanbul. The current beach entrance fee is 60 TL per person on weekdays and 100 TL on weekends. 0-12 years old free, 12 years old full price. At Uzunya Beach, it is possible to buy a seasonal card for 1500 TL, which can be entered by the cardholder, as well as 1 adult and 2 children

Address: Demirci Köy Mahallesi, Beach Yolu Street, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul




Blue Beach, is a very close beach to Buyukada Pier and it’s a bazaar, is just a 10-minute walking distance from the center so you can easily walk to the beach on arrival in Buyukada. The beach also offers free speedboats from the center.
The beach, which has sun loungers lined up on a wide platform, but does not have a sandy area,
but it is also suitable for families with children, as the sea has a sandy and shallow part. As of 2021, the current entrance fee per person is 50 ₺ every day of the week. This includes the use of sunbeds, umbrellas, and showers. The venue is not only entered with a boy group. Swings and hammocks in the sea are especially popular at Blue Beach. Food and beverage service is also available at the venue. Examples from the menu are as follows: 33cl beer 20 ₺, sausage potato plate 30 ₺, tea 3.5 ₺, Turkish coffee 10 ₺.

Address: Büyükada-nizam, Albayrak Sk., 34970 Adalar/Istanbul



One of the first beaches on the island, Eskibağ Beach, the beach has a more affordable price compared to the other beaches on the Island, It can be reached by free boats like other beaches from Büyükada Pier. it’s the biggest and longest beach in the Buyukada with 800 meters wide and capacity for up to 400 people.
In Compare to Yörükali and Princess Bay, it has a far more distance by carriage but is easier to reach by boat. It has a camping and picnic area as well plus a country casino, with good cafes and restaurants on the hill above the beach.

It’s one of the most liked and visited beaches of Büyükada with its ultimately clean sea and very calm and quiet environment.

The entrance fee is 30 TL on weekdays, 40 TL on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. 0-7 years old free, 7 years and above full price.

Address: Sakarya Cd. No:5 Buyukada/Istanbul


5 – FLORYA Güneş Beach

FLORYA Güneş Beach
Florya Güneş Beach, is also one of the oldest beaches in Istanbul and the Atatürk’s photographs were taken while swimming in the sea in this beach,
It is operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
The 800-meter-long beach is one of the leading beaches that allow Istanbulites to swim in the city during the summer months. Florya Güneş Beach has 2 lifeguard towers, 1500 sun loungers, 1500 umbrellas, 42 WCs, 234 changing cabins, 48 ​​showers, 2 buffets, 228 safety deposit boxes, and a parking lot for 300 cars. Beach volleyball and music broadcasts are also available at Florya Güneş Beach. It is recommended to go to the beach, whose sea is shallow and sometimes mossy, because it is very crowded on weekends, on weekdays or early on the weekend.

Current Entrance Fee,
As of 2021, the entrance fee to the beach is 25 TL per person for adults and 12 TL for students. 0-7 years old can benefit free of charge. It is possible to benefit from sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, showers, and toilet areas with an entrance fee. In addition, safe deposit boxes can be rented for 15 TL. Considering the crowd, it makes sense to rent a safety deposit box.


It is most logical to use the Metrobus to reach Florya Güneş Beach as quickly as possible. After getting off the Metrobus at the Cennet Mahallesi stop, the beach is within walking distance.

Address: Şenlikköy Mahallesi, Florya Sahil Park, 34153 Bakırköy/Istanbul, Turkey


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