Driving License In Turkey (Ehliyat)

Driving License (Ehliyat) The Republic of Turkey

Driving License In Turkey (Ehliyat)

Driving License (Ehliyat) The Republic of Turkey

  • How to drive a car in Turkey?
  • Can you use your own country’s driving license in Turkey?
  • Do you need to pass the exam for getting a Turkish driving license Ehliyat?
  • How much does it cost to take a Turkish driving license?

The Republic of Turkey; With its geographical beauties and historical structures, it is a rare country where millions of foreign citizens take their vacations, organize trips, and have the opportunity to settle in by obtaining Turkish citizenship if they meet certain conditions.

While modern highways and roads are being built in order to reach 81 provinces and districts within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, new roads continue to be built by strengthening the transportation network every year.

Foreign nationals coming to our country can move to the regions and provinces they want by driving in our country within a certain period of time with the driver’s license they have in their own country.

However, after the deadlines determined by the laws, the license of foreign nationals becomes invalid. For this reason, if they are going to stay in Turkey longer than the specified period, it is obligatory to replace their driver’s licenses with the driver’s licenses issued in Turkey.

In this respect, foreign nationals must fulfill some official procedures in order to use their driver’s license and obtain a driver’s license from the Republic of Turkey.


  • Conditions for Foreign Citizens to Use Their Own Country’s Driver’s License in Turkey

Foreign nationals can drive a motor vehicle in Turkey with valid driver’s licenses obtained in their own country during their stay in Turkey for a limited period of six months after fulfilling the visa requirements. If there is no photograph of the person on the foreign driver’s license, it is mandatory to carry an international driver’s license or permit (IDL/P). Only motor land vehicles can be used with a foreign driver’s license, and the driver’s license must have a notarized translation serving in Turkey.

  • Considerations While Obtaining a Driver’s License Issued in Turkey Instead of a Foreign Driver’s License

Foreign nationals entering Turkey through official means; It is obligatory to present some documents in the application in order to be able to get a valid driver’s license from their own country, instead of these documents at the end of their 180-day trip in Turkey.

Foreign nationals from countries that are parties to Vienna Convention with a valid driver’s license are not required to take the legally obligatory driver’s license exam in Turkey. The official action to be taken is to make an appointment on the official website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, go to the relevant population directorate on the day and time of the appointment and submit the following documents.


List of Countries’ Convention on Road Traffic

Participant 6 Signature Accession(a), Succession(d), Ratification
Albania 29 Jun 2000 a
Armenia  8 Feb 2005 a
Austria  8 Nov 1968 11 Aug 1981
Azerbaijan  3 Jul 2002 a
Bahamas 14 May 1991 a
Bahrain  4 May 1973 a
Belarus  8 Nov 1968 18 Jun 1974
Belgium  8 Nov 1968 16 Nov 1988
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7  1 Sep 1993 d
Brazil  8 Nov 1968 29 Oct 1980
Bulgaria  8 Nov 1968 28 Dec 1978
Cabo Verde 12 Jun 2018 a
Central African Republic  3 Feb 1988 a
Chile  8 Nov 1968
Costa Rica  8 Nov 1968
Côte d’Ivoire 24 Jul 1985 a
Croatia 7 23 Nov 1992 d
Cuba 30 Sep 1977 a
Czech Republic 8  2 Jun 1993 d
Democratic Republic of the Congo 25 Jul 1977 a
Denmark 9  8 Nov 1968  3 Nov 1986
Ecuador  8 Nov 1968
Estonia 24 Aug 1992 a
Ethiopia 25 Aug 2021 a
Finland 16 Dec 1969  1 Apr 1985
France  8 Nov 1968  9 Dec 1971
Georgia 23 Jul 1993 a
Germany 10, 11  8 Nov 1968  3 Aug 1978
Ghana 22 Aug 1969
Greece 18 Dec 1986 a
Guyana 31 Jan 1973 a
Holy See  8 Nov 1968
Honduras  3 Feb 2020 a
Hungary  8 Nov 1968 16 Mar 1976
Indonesia  8 Nov 1968
Iran (Islamic Republic of)  8 Nov 1968 21 May 1976
Iraq  1 Feb 2017 a
Israel  8 Nov 1968 11 May 1971
Italy  8 Nov 1968  2 Oct 1996
Kazakhstan  4 Apr 1994 a
Kenya  9 Sep 2009 a
Kuwait 14 Mar 1980 a
Kyrgyzstan 30 Aug 2006 a
Latvia 19 Oct 1992 a
Liberia 16 Sep 2005 a
Liechtenstein  2 Mar 2020 a
Lithuania 20 Nov 1991 a
Luxembourg  8 Nov 1968 25 Nov 1975
Mexico  8 Nov 1968
Monaco  6 Jun 1978 a
Mongolia 19 Dec 1997 a
Montenegro 12 23 Oct 2006 d
Morocco 29 Dec 1982 a
Myanmar 26 Jun 2019 a
Netherlands 13  8 Nov 2007 a
Niger 11 Jul 1975 a
Nigeria 18 Oct 2018 a
North Macedonia 7, 14 18 Aug 1993 d
Norway 23 Dec 1969  1 Apr 1985
Oman  9 Jun 2020 a
Pakistan 19 Mar 1986 a
Peru  6 Oct 2006 a
Philippines  8 Nov 1968 27 Dec 1973
Poland  8 Nov 1968 23 Aug 1984
Portugal  8 Nov 1968 30 Sep 2010
Qatar  6 Mar 2013 a
Republic of Korea 15 29 Dec 1969
Republic of Moldova 26 May 1993 a
Romania  8 Nov 1968  9 Dec 1980
Russian Federation  8 Nov 1968  7 Jun 1974
San Marino  8 Nov 1968 20 Jul 1970
Saudi Arabia 12 May 2016 a
Senegal 16 Aug 1972 a
Serbia 7  8 Nov 1968 12 Mar 2001 d
Seychelles 11 Apr 1977 a
Slovakia 8  1 Feb 1993 d
Slovenia 7  6 Jul 1992 d
South Africa  1 Nov 1977 a
Spain  8 Nov 1968
State of Palestine 11 Nov 2019 a
Sweden  8 Nov 1968 25 Jul 1985
Switzerland  8 Nov 1968 11 Dec 1991
Tajikistan  9 Mar 1994 a
Thailand  8 Nov 1968  1 May 2020
Tunisia  5 Jan 2004 a
Turkey 22 Jan 2013 a
Turkmenistan 14 Jun 1993 a
Ukraine  8 Nov 1968 12 Jul 1974
United Arab Emirates 10 Jan 2007 a
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 16, 17  8 Nov 1968 28 Mar 2018
Uruguay  8 Apr 1981 a
Uzbekistan 17 Jan 1995 a
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  8 Nov 1968
Viet Nam 18 20 Aug 2014 a
Zimbabwe 31 Jul 1981 a

Required Documents For Exchanging you country driving license to a Turkish Republic Driving License

  1. Identification
  2. Driver health report
  3. Document showing that the fee required to be paid to obtain a driver’s license has been paid in 2022 Around 1520 TL for B2 Type License
  4. Biometric photo (1 piece)
  5. Original and a color photocopy of the driver’s license obtained by the foreign national in his/her own country.
  6. Consular or notarized Turkish translation of the driver’s license
  7. criminal record certificate you can get a one from e-Devlet
  8. Document showing blood group
  9. Notarized translation and education certificate of the foreign citizen’s education document in his/her own country

After all the above-mentioned documents are issued and submitted, the new driver’s license is delivered to the address specified by the person during the application via PTT within 15 days.

  • Conditions for Obtaining a Driver’s License for Foreign Citizens Without a Foreign Driver’s LicenseForeign nationals residing in our country after entering our country through official means, if

They do not have a driver’s license belonging to their own country, and must comply with the official procedures required to obtain a driver’s license in order to obtain a driver’s license issued in Turkey. In order for foreign citizens to obtain a driver’s license for the first time in our country, they can get the driving license they have applied for, if they attend the specified training and exams, such as the driving test, driving license test, 12 hours of practical driving training and first aid, engine and traffic training, and if they are successful as a result of the exams.

Driver candidates in Turkey must get at least 70 points in order to be successful in the driver’s license exam they have to take in order to get a driver’s license, and those who are successful in the theoretical exam are subjected to the steering exam. In the applied steering exam, the driving skills of the person in traffic are tested for at least 15 minutes and it is measured whether or not he is entitled to get a driver’s license. In the Turkish language driver’s license exam, a translator may accompany the foreign citizen who took the exam.

In Turkey we have two types of exam one is a writing exam and the second one is a driving test for each you will have 4 chances

If you fail the first exam you can have another appointment and you need to pay the exam fee again


Residence Permits in Turkey – IQAMET®

e-Devlet (e-Government) – IQAMET®

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