Top 10 Area Neighborhoods to Live In Istanbul

Top 10 Area Neighborhoods to Live In Istanbul

Top 10 Area Neighborhoods to Live In Istanbul

  • What are the best areas in Istanbul?
  • Which area Turkish People do live in Istanbul?
  • Which are the safest areas in Istanbul?
  • Which are good neighborhoods in Istanbul?

Istanbul is not just a city it’s like a country for itself, The most beautiful places to live in Istanbul had these features. We have listed for you the most beautiful areas or neighborhoods in Istanbul, which warm our hearts both with their history and nature, whose neighborhood relations are reminiscent of the past, and which have high living standards.

Istanbul is home to approximately 20 million people with its unofficial population. Although people have lost the neighborhood spirit and neighborhood culture in many parts of Istanbul, there are still neighborhoods where people know each other, live a happy life with close friendships, and where neighbors feel like family. We have compiled 10 of these neighborhoods for you. We are sure that you will want to move to these neighborhoods as soon as you see them, here are the Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul!

1. Kuzguncuk

Best Area to Live in Istanbul

The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Kuzguncuk, a district that gives nostalgic feelings in every corner, is a district of Üsküdar district. This distinguished district, which hosts many popular TV series, is a district where you can wander around the streets almost without being strangers due to its place in popular culture.

Kuzguncuk is one of the rare districts in Istanbul that still remains cosmopolitan. With the coming together of people from many different cultures, it is the scene of life as colorful as its streets.

Kuzguncuk, which has old mansions in every corner of its streets that smell of history, is one of the rare districts where one can live in the presence of the Bosphorus air. It is a rare district with streets of almost every color, as well as shades of green with its natural beauties, every corner of which is a piece of heaven. In addition to being one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, it is among the most beautiful places to live in Istanbul.

2. Moda

Best Area to Live in Istanbul Moda
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Moda, one of the most popular living areas of Istanbul, is a neighborhood of the Kadıköy district. Moda, which is a frequent destination for Istanbulites with its long beach, impresses with the traces of its deep-rooted history.

Moda, which attracts attention with its long-ceilinged buildings designed with much western-style architecture, becomes wonderful with these beautiful houses it has with its wide streets. One of the rare districts where the stress of life can be relieved despite being in the heart of the city, decorated with restaurants and cafes, is Moda. It is for this reason that the walks in the streets of Moda are quite enjoyable.

In addition to these positive aspects, it is the center of transportation since it is in the center of the Kadıköy district in terms of transportation. Moda, which is very intertwined with nightlife, appeals to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Thanks to the people of the neighborhood who integrate with the stray animals and adopt them, this distinguished district has become even more beautiful. In addition to the walks on the beach and the unique sea view, the people of Moda, who establish sincere and respectful relations with everyone, are undoubtedly great neighbors.

Considered one of the neighborhoods to move to in Istanbul by many, Moda is one of the points where Istanbul’s intellectual capital is located. We are sure that even not reading the reasons why Moda is one of the most beautiful districts to live in Istanbul will make you want to move immediately!

3. Erenkoy

Best Area to Live in Istanbul Erenkoy
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Erenköy, one of the distinguished districts of Istanbul, whose every street was full of mansions in the past, is connected to the district of Kadıköy and has a central location. Although today it appears as a district of apartments, the apartments in this district are usually named after the owner of the mansion where it was built.

Erenköy, one of the most decent and calmest districts in Istanbul, is a family district in every sense. The residents of Erenköy, who have a very high average age, are composed of very sincere and decent people. Erenköy, which is one of the warm neighborhoods in Istanbul with all these features, is one of the neighborhoods you will want to move to immediately with its green areas and green streets decorated with trees.

4. Feneryolu

feneryolu Best Area in Istanbul
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Feneryolu is one of the quietest and most peaceful districts of Istanbul. It is one of the most sought-after districts of Istanbul due to its central location and its houses, which are considered beautiful by most.

In addition to its many activities and living spaces, it is a district where parks are quite dense compared to other districts. Feneryolu, which has a suburban train for transportation, is one of the warm neighborhoods in Istanbul as a neighborhood.

Feneryolu, which is a district where walking around and living on its streets will add joy to life, is a district of Kadıköy and can be considered close to everywhere since it has a central location.

5. Acıbadem

The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Acıbadem Neighborhood, partly of Kadıköy and partly of Üsküdar district, impresses with its central location. Acıbadem, which stands out with its neighborly relations, is an ideal district for family life.

Acıbadem Neighborhood, which is built around the long Acıbadem Avenue that gives its name to this district, is a very quiet and decent neighborhood. Acıbadem, which has been one of the most sought-after districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul for years, is home to many cafes and workplaces in addition to its 2 universities on the street. Due to its central location, it has metro and metrobus stops, making transportation quite easy.

6. Balat

balat Istanbul Best Area to Live
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Balat district, which is almost a cultural treasure for Istanbul, is a striking district with its old and colorful houses. Balat, which has always attracted attention, is more popular than ever with the influence of popular culture, as it has hosted various movies and TV series recently.

Balat, with its colorful eye-catching houses and wonderful neighborly relations, is connected to the Fatih district of Istanbul. This historical district, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, is right next to the Golden Horn and is the center of Istanbul. This beautiful district has found its place in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

The sincere relations between people living together and their neighborhood are still alive and solid compared to other districts. In addition, its social life has been revitalized with many concept cafes that smell of history and it has become a frequent destination for a wide audience.

7. Cihangir

Cihangir Best Area in Istanbul
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Cihangir, which has a deep-rooted history, is connected to the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. This distinguished district got its name from Cihangir, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent. Cihangir, which has an important place in popular culture, is generally inhabited by well-known faces of the art community.

Cihangir, which will definitely be at the top of the neighborhoods to be chosen for a quality life, will allow you to have sincere and intellectual neighbors. Cihangir, which has a very lively nightlife, is definitely one of the neighborhoods in Istanbul.

8. Arnavutkoy

arnavutkoy Best Area to Live in Istanbul
The Best Places to Live in Istanbul

A quiet and peaceful Bosphorus air on one side and a fun and vibrant nightlife on the other… The distinguished district Arnavutköy, where both of them co-exist, is located in Beşiktaş district. This beautiful district, where history and nature are together, is in the center.

Putting its central location aside, it is a neighborhood where people greet each other with a smile and good neighborly relations. Some parts of Arnavutköy, which is cut out for family life, is the center of nightlife for the European side of Istanbul.

With its history dating back to the Ottoman period, Arnavutköy is like a painting where people from almost all walks of life come together and almost all the colors of Istanbul are gathered. There is no doubt that you will see sections of different lives in every street of this district, where charming buildings with historical value are in the majority.

In Arnavutköy, which is a rare district where you will want to move as soon as you see it, the transportation operations should definitely be done by professionals. With its narrow streets, historical buildings, and rough terrain, it has difficulties that many transportation companies cannot handle. Although Arnavutköy is a place where relocation should only be done by professionals, with the help of eTaşın services, you can easily, safely, and tirelessly move your home.

9. Emirgan

Emirgan Istanbul Best Area to Live
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

Emirgan, whose every street smells of history, is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul with its houses and hilly streets descending to the sea. It has come to the fore with its magnificent Bosphorus view and air. Emirgan, which is a wonderful district with its green areas as well as the Bosphorus air it has, is almost a natural beauty.

Emirgan, which attracts a lot of attention with its many restaurants and artistic activities on the seaside, is a prominent district with an important location in terms of transportation as it is very close to the Metrobus and dazzles with its natural beauty.

10. Tarabya

Tarabya Best Area of İstanbul
The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Istanbul

This wonderful district, where the unique beauty of the Bosphorus and nature are intertwined, has a deep-rooted history. This distinguished district, which was first known as “Therapi”, which means healing with its clean air, was named Tarabya in the 16th century.

Tarabya, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul with its green areas as wide as its history, is a neighborhood where neighborly relations are still alive as well as being a very decent district.

In addition to hosting many fish restaurants on the coast, it also has a colorful nightlife, and this distinguished district is among the districts with the greenest areas in Istanbul.

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