Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Istanbul Districts Best of Public Transport Access

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

The most important thing that will increase your quality of life in a big and constantly active metropolis like Istanbul; It is being able to live in a neighborhood that is close to your school, work and social life. If you cannot find a house with these opportunities, it would be a better choice to live in a district where you will not have any transportation problems. In this article, we wrote our neighborhood suggestions that will help you in this regard.

The most important detail we pay attention to while writing these suggestions, we have listed the districts with different transportation options. How many different means of transportation you can choose to go to any district of Istanbul and how far are you from them. It will be better understood if we give an example like this.

If you plan to live in Sancaktepe, your public transportation options to go anywhere else are minibusses and buses. In our opinion, these options are not very good in terms of transportation.

Do not think that there are only these two transportation options in the vast majority of Istanbul. For example & nbsp; Çekmeköy Sancaktepe’s neighboring district & nbsp; (subway construction is not finished yet) but there is a minibus there as a different transportation option. This is an important difference in our opinion. There is no option in Sancaktepe yet, and if your job is a bit urgent, the minibusses are a great convenience.

By means of easy transportation, traffic congestion is not less. It is now possible to spend hours in traffic in almost every region of Istanbul. For this reason, we highlighted different transportation possibilities. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

1 – Kadikoy

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

The district, which has the Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus stop, also offers ferry services to many stops on the European Side. At the end of a 10-15 minute ferry ride, many docks on the European side are accessible. The lively and social life area in Kadıköy, where you can easily go to the surrounding districts whenever you want, makes the time spent in this district more enjoyable. One of the most important meeting points is the Bull Statue.

2 – Şişli

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Şişli is one of the most important centers if you want to live in a house located in the center of the European Side and easy to access to the surrounding districts. Thanks to various shopping malls, you can easily buy your needs and take advantage of many transportation means. Şişli, with its districts such as Kurtuluş, Feriköy and Nişantaşı, is among the most popular districts of Istanbul.

3 – Üsküdar

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

, the apple of the eye of the Anatolian Side, with its Üsküdar Marmaray stop and frequent motor trips to the European Side, continues to increase its popularity with its tea gardens with unique Bosphorus view and romantic Maiden’s Tower view on the beach.

4 – Besiktaş

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Just like Üsküdar, which attracts attention with its ease of transportation on the Anatolian side, Beşiktaş district on the European side is one of the most popular and popular Istanbul districts in this respect. The biggest factor in the popularity of this district is the sea voyages that you can cross at any time. Its proximity to Taksim and Galata Tower makes this district a bit more touristic. The breakfast rooms, which are always busy every day of the week, are located very close to the center of the district.

5 – Bostancı

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Bostancı allows you to travel to any district of Istanbul as you wish, with its yellow minibusses, sea buses, island ferries, and metro lines that allow intercontinental travel. The long coastline and quiet cafes on the beach are the greatest companions of your peaceful times. With Bostancı Performing Arts Center, it is impossible for you to lack cultural activity.

6 – Mecidiyeköy

Istanbul Districts Best Access Of Public Transport

Metro, Metrobus, and bus lines, this district has options that you can easily reach to any district and has a capacity that meets your needs with its popular shopping centers. Tuzlar can be accessed from Mecidiyeköy located on the European side and Beylikdüzü whereby a single.


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