Istanbul Asian Vs European Side Differences

Istanbul-Asian side vs european side

Istanbul Asian Vs European Side Differences

Top 10 Differences Istanbul Turkey, Asian (Anatolian) Side Vs European 

Istanbul is not just a city it’s like a whole country. Of course, Turkey is not just Istanbul. But Istanbul is the coolest kid of the classroom on its own with its multicultural environment up to its rich history. Istanbul has two parts Asian side in Turkey they are calling it Anatolian side and European side,

1- The Crowd

It is not possible to see the human flood on the European side, except in the squares on the Anatolian side. On the European side, it is difficult to walk even on the side streets, let alone the squares. The European Side is so crowded that many people have already started looking for houses from the Anatolian Side.

2 – Development

Istanbul-2 - Development

When we look at the investment budgets made and because of the fact that all big business centers prefer the European Side, every square meter has developed and become valuable, which has led to very rapid progress in the level of development. On the other hand, the Anatolian Side remains more passive in this respect, but recently, the Anatolian Side is now preferred to create incredible works. We do not know what the situation will show in recent years.

3- Night Life

Did you mention the nightlife? People choose the European Side directly. Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Beyoğlu, Nişantaşı etc. It has become indispensable for people as the places host large venues. On the Anatolian side, even though districts such as Kadıköy and Üsküdar host many venues in this regard,

Kadıköy is becoming more and more one of the important centers of nightlife with each passing day. However, it has not yet fully turned into a center, it is very difficult to catch up to the European Side.

4 – Istanbul Traffic

3 - Istanbul Traffic

It is the subject that its people renounce the most and fail in the class .. Let us compare the Anatolian Side with all of Europe, it is inevitable that it is at the end of the list. Apart from the existence of traffic at all times of the day, it is not possible to solve the traffic that occurs between 07:00 and 09:00 in the morning and between 17:00 and 20:00 in the evening. 70% of people are nervous when they start work in the morning and angry when they go home in the evening because of traffic. Istanbul means traffic. We can come across a traffic-free Istanbul on holidays.

5- Danger & Safety

5- Danger & Safety

It is another issue that the European Side fails. Where the multitude is worst… The European Side, where there are sudden dangers on every street and corner, is in serious trouble with this issue. It is a matter of curiosity when the dangers in Bağcılar, Esenler, Esenyurt, Zeytinburnu, Kocasinan, Gaziosmanpaşa, and many other regions will be minimized. The Anatolian Side does not have many headaches in this regard, of course, although there are positions such as Fikirtepe and SultanBeyli where the danger is at the top, it is not possible for it to catch up to the European Side.

6- Number of Districts

6- Number of Districts Istanbul

Due to the rapid development index of the European Side, discretization has progressed rapidly. Due to the problems of those who flocked to Istanbul to find housing and the governorship’s difficulties in controlling the big districts, the discretization was increased and new residences were built.

Districts on the European Side: Arnavutköy, Avcılar, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Başakşehir, Beşiktaş, Beylikdüzü, Beyoğlu, Büyükçekmece, Çatalca, Esenler, Esenyurt, Eyüp, Fatih, Gaziosmanpaşa, Güngören, Kağıthane, Küçükçekmece, Sarıyer, Silivri, Şişli, Sultangazi, It has a total of 24 districts, including Zeytinburnu.

Districts on the Anatolian Side: It has 14 districts, namely Adalar, Ataşehir, Beykoz, Çekmeköy, Kadıköy, Kartal, Maltepe, Pendik, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli, Şile, Tuzla, Ümraniye and Üsküdar.

7-  Weather & Climate

7-  Weather & Climate

As the Anatolian Side has a higher position than the European Side, it is known that the winters are slightly cooler in the harsh summers than the slightly summery Anatolian side is much cold than the European side.

8- Green Area

8- Green Area Istanbul

Another one of the issues that the European Side is in the classroom. There is no solution to this situation where the inhabitants of the European Side, where there is a serious concretion, rebelled, and it is still trying to demolish the existing green areas. On the Anatolian side, this problem is less and less. It is ahead of the abundance of forests, parks, and greenery.

9 – Historical Value 

Istanbul Historical

Of course, we are not always going to praise the Anatolian Side, European Side means history, It is possible to meet with a wonderful surprise at every corner.
It overtakes the Anatolian Side by far in this regard.

10 – Calmness

10 - Calmness Istanubl

European Side means jumping from branch to branch, running around due to high increase of development mostly in the real estate sector lots of people who moved to Istanbul are living in the European side., There is such great rush that on the European side, one can go to the Anatolian side just to breathe, but I don’t mind.


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