Bizim Evler 8 Residential Project Istanbul

Bizim Evler 8 Residential Project Istanbul

Bizim Evler 8 Residential Project

Bizim Evler bearing the signature of İhlas Yapı, is built on a land of 19 thousand 739 square meters. The project, which has a gross construction area of ​​65 thousand 124 square meters, has 236 residences and 29 commercial units. Bizim Evler 8 project offers 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 flat options. The sizes of the apartments in the project start from 129 square meters.

Flat Type Price Range
3 + 1 prices starting from 1.378.700 TL
4 + 1 prices starting from 1.793.500 TL
Payment options
Apartments in Bizim Evler 8 project are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment
A new one is being added to the “Bizim Evler” projects that left their mark on the Ispartakule region. İhlas Yapı pushed the button to implement the 8th project of the Bizim Evler brand. The Bizim Evler 8 project is located behind the Bizim Evler 4 project, next to Koza 1, and right in front of the Bizim Evler 6 project. As in other Bizim Evler projects, Bizim Evler 8 does not have 1 + 0 and 1 + 1 apartments. Designed for family life, Bizim Evler 8 project offers 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment options. 2 + 1 apartments in Bizimevler 8 project are offered to buyers with sizes starting from 129 square meters, 3 + 1 apartments from 166 square meters and 4 + 1 apartments from 208 square meters. 760 people are expected to live in the project. Bizim Evler 8 project, which is located next to Mahmutbey-Ispartakule and Bahçeşehir Metro Line, is being built in an advantageous location in terms of transportation.

Lowest-highest housing price: 1 million 378 thousand 700 TL

Project Features
Site Features
Luxury Feature Indoor swimming pool
Standard Feature Children’s playgrounds
Luxury Feature Sauna
Luxury Feature Turkish bath
Luxury Feature Fitness Center
Standard Feature Security
Standard Feature Camera security
Luxury Feature Basketball Court
Standard Feature Camellia
Luxury Property Indoor parking
Standard Feature Walking track
Standard Feature Ornamental pool
Building Features
Standard Feature Water Tank
Standard Feature Booster
Standard Feature Generator
Standard Feature Elevator
Housing Features
Luxury Feature Built-in white goods
Standard Feature Central heating
Standard Feature Heat Allocation Meter
Luxury Feature Master bathroom
Luxury Feature Parental dressing room
Standard Feature Balcony
Construction Techniques
Standard Feature Building inspection made
Standard Feature Soil Investigated
Standard Feature Suitable for earthquake regulations
Complies with Standard Feature Insulation regulation
Our Houses 8
Istanbul Europe / Ispartakule


Price range:
Prices starting from 1.378.700 TL

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Contact information
City / District: Istanbul Europe / Ispartakule
Address: Firüzköy Mah. Ispartakule location Avcılar / Istanbul
Telephone: 0212 405 10 00

Project Information
Producer: İhlas Yapı
Project Type: Apartment, Shop
Number of residences: 236
Land Area: 19739 m2
Housing Types: 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1
Square Meters Area: 129 – 208 m2
Delivery Date: June 2021
Project Tags: Bizim Evler 8, İhlas Yapı, İhlas Bizimevler 8, Bizimevler Eight, Ispartakule Bizim Evler 8, Ispartakule Housing Projects


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