The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project

The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project

The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project




The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project, signed by Artaş İnşaat, is built on a 75-decare plot. The project, which consists of 11 blocks with 2, 13, 24, 31, 34 and 38 floors, includes 1,672 residences, 38 commercial units and office blocks. In the project, 1 + 1’s are 75 to 80 square meters, 2 + 1’s with open kitchen are 108 square meters, 2 + 1’s with closed kitchen are 135 to 136 square meters, 3 + 1’s are 163.37 to 186.01 square meters, 4 + 1 ‘s, on the other hand, have a size of 215.75 to 239.98 square meters.

26.02.2021 Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler Price List
Flat Type Price Range
1 + 1 prices starting from 898.000 TL
2 + 1 prices starting from 1.206.000 TL
Payment options
A bank loan can be used with a 25% down payment in the Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project.

Editor’s Comment
2nd stage of Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler is on sale!

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler is the 28th project of Artaş İnşaat and the 19th project of Avrupa Konutları brand. Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler, the first project of the Avrupa Konutları brand on the Anatolian Side, consists of 1576 apartments, 57 thousand square meters of office and commercial areas. Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler rises on the pipe factory land in Ümraniye İnkılap Mahallesi.

The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project, located on Alemdağ Street, can be easily accessed via the D-100 Highway. Located in the heart of Ümraniye, the Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project rises right next to Yamanevler Metro Station. Located close to Can park Shopping and Life Center, Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler is only 220 meters from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital. There are 47 different types of flats in the project. The blocks with 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 flats in the project, 70 percent of which are allocated to green areas, are located close to the commercial areas, slightly separated from other blocks. Thus, a separate social reinforcement area was developed at the point where 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 open kitchen apartments are located. In addition, with the completion of the project, it is anticipated that the apartments will provide a premium of 35 percent to the buyer.

Artaş Construction, which carried the Avrupa Konutları brand to Yamanevler and the Anatolian Side, started the delivery of the apartments. In the first phase, where there are 545 flats in total in 5 blocks, the owners of the houses experienced the joy of delivery while the sales of the limited number of flats continue. The second stage sales of the Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project, which attracted great attention, started. In the second stage, deliveries are planned to be made in July 2022.

2nd stage lowest housing price: 898 thousand TL

1st stage lowest housing price: 1 million 214 thousand TL (Immediate delivery)

1st stage 1 + 1 apartments minimum price: 1 million 214 thousand TL

1st stage 2 + 1 apartments minimum price: 1 million 506 thousand TL

Project Features
Site Features
Luxury Feature Indoor swimming pool
Standard Feature Children’s playgrounds
Luxury Feature Turkish bath
Luxury Feature Fitness Center
Standard Feature Security
Standard Feature Camera security
Luxury Feature Football Field
Luxury Feature Basketball Court
Ultra Luxury Feature Tennis Court
Luxury Property Indoor parking
Standard Feature Walking track
Standard Feature Ornamental pool
Building Features
Standard Feature Water Tank
Standard Feature Booster
Standard Feature Generator
Standard Feature Elevator
Standard Feature Freight elevator
Housing Features
Luxury Feature Built-in white goods
Standard Feature Central heating
Standard Feature Heat Allocation Meter
Luxury Feature Master bathroom
Luxury Feature Parental dressing room
Luxury Feature Terrace
Standard Feature Balcony

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