How to Register Your Mobile Phone In Turkey

How to Register Your Mobile Phone In Turkey

How to Register Your Mobile Phone In Turkey

How to Register Your Mobile Phone In Turkey

Any imported mobile phone will be blocked in Turkey after 120-Days the consumer should pay its TAX which is around 250$ for all models does not matter latest or older, in order to unlock your phone in Turkey and continue using your phone in Turkey, otherwise, in case you are not living in Turkey continuously all the time and if you leave Turkey and renter very often, each time you can get another 120 days time to use your foreigner phone in Turkey by visiting the responsible authorities and showing your entrance stamp date.

If you have a high-end mobile phone and planning to pay the TAX and register then it’s a very simple process very first you need to have a residence permit note your IMEI number and you can easily pay the TAX online or you can visit the nearest TAX office in Turkish Vergi Daresi to pay. after payment you will receive a receipt you can also continue the process using e-Devlet, or by visiting a Telecome shop or customer services nearby to complete the process for you.

If you want to activate by e-Devlet first you have to activate your account and later on, open, you might be able to use e-Devlet (Electronic Government) website in Turkish only but you can use on-page translators to use the e-Government website in English as well,

You can also pay the registration tax at any one of these banks:

Halk Bankası
Vakıflar Bankası
ING Bank
Garanti Bankası
Ziraat Bankası
İş Bankası

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