Renting Your Own Flat Apartment in Turkey

Renting Your Own Flat Apartment in Turkey

How to rent a flat (apartment) in Turkey Istanbul? Where to find flats listing for rent in Turkey Istanbul

Renting Your Own Flat or Apartment in Turkey

How to rent a flat (apartment) in Turkey

Renting- A flat-In Turkey
When you arriving in Turkey and planning to stay for a longer period basically you cannot keep staying in Airbnb or a hotel, it’s time to look out for an apartment especially if you are coming with your small family then it’s a must.

The process is not too much difficult you have to know several important details about property renting in Turkey.

Specialized websites list flat, specialized Facebook groups that are helpful in your search.

You can also visit websites such as Sahibinde, Emlakjet, Hürriyet Emlak, etc to find a flat and rent

NOTE: You may find it too difficult to search for an apartment on websites like Sahibinden if you don’t know Turkish, but you can simply open Sahibinden in a browser and use Google in-page translator, the website now also support English Language if you scroll down you will find option to change language.

The landlords in Turkey prefer to keep it quiet when advertising their available units, and they tend to stay away from the aggressive realtors who are not from their local community also they are always renting out for at least one-year duration.

Once you find an advertisement and suppose you went there and liked the apartment and now you are ready to rent it.

You need to make a rental agreement with the landlord in the past you could find rental contract paper (Kira sözleşmesi) at the stationary shops once you bought one your landlord or Emlakci would help you fill the agreement but  you cannot notarized if you plan to apply or renew your residence permit with it according to the new law announced at 15 Feb 2022 landlord or lesser with legal power of attonery for renting out the flat should go toghther with tenant to the public notary along with sworn translator if the tenant does not know Turkish and also passport translation is required if you do not have a Turkish Residence card yet and the notary office will prepare a rental agremment according to their formats, basically, in Turkey, the landlord asks for a deposit equal to one month rent or sometimes if it’s an apartment with appliances then a little bit higher deposit to get your deposit fully refunded when moving out you need to deliver apartment and it’s appliances without any damage also you need to notify landlord one month prior to leaving otherwise you will lose the rights for your deposit refund, after filling rental contract visit a nearby public Notary office and notarize your rental contract.

If you rent with an Emlakci or real estate realtor an extra agency fee equal to the one-month rent should be paid by your side to the Emalkci.


The country is somewhat energy-strapped and has to import a good share of its gas and electricity. Accordingly, electricity and heating bills can climb in the winter (to over 400 Turkish liras a month for a three-bedroom apartment).

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  • Muhammad farhan Reply

    I want one flat for rent sirinever

    May 29, 2021 at 12:40 pm
    • Administrator Reply

      You can use Sahibinden and chose a specific district to search for a rental apartment. Sirinevler is part of Bahcelievler District

      May 29, 2021 at 10:49 pm

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